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Who is The Goddess Alchemy Project?

Bringing forth a timeless science through a live, lyrical experience of "more than one sista on the mic at a time"… this crew gives voice to the potent sound of Goddess Alchemy rising from underground urban-scapes to mainstream airwaves. In collaboration with many artists and producers, this unique sound provides a fresh flavor by integrating elements of underground hip-hop, world accents, spoken word flows, and soulful melodics. Combine this with ancient texts, quantum physics, ancestral roots, multi-dimensional symbology, and an all-female cypher… the result to this equation is a new, musical science they call "Open Source Soul Floetics."

Echoes of the Music…

2007/08 have proved to be breakthrough years for the 'Alkemistas' who have opened up for artists such as Common, Lyrics Born, The Coup, STS9 and thrown down with Bassnectar, J.Boogie, Wisdom, Ganga Giri, Zilla-to name a few. They are well known for their surprise element of collaboration with guest artists and often feature MC's, poets, singers, and dancers greatly enriching their live sets. Some more recent collaborations include the potent voices of fierce female mcs...Las Krudas (de Cuba), Yaqueline de la porte, MC Souleye, Apostle (heavyweight dub champions), three-time battle champion Aima (Mamaz), beatbox-lyrical prodigy...LYNX, and Wisdom. Hence the saying "expect the unexpected." After experiencing a live music set of Goddess Alchemy, observers have often reflected being transported beyond boundaries, borders and boxes to a common place of tangible truth, arriving at the harmonic crux of cultural-co-existence. "Zapped," "alchemized," "transformed," and "inspired," have been some common words used in response to the ripples this project is generating. Goddess Alchemy Project has magnetized full-spectrum support from people of many walks and talks; from self-proclaimed punk rockers and conservatives to mothers and their children.

The Goddess Alchemy Project

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