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Throughout the timeline of our cultivation as Goddess Alchemy Project, we have been archiving poetree as a form of documentation. We are living in serious and extraordinary times, and our art is a tool to communicate our experiences, our poetree a script to archive the uprising of ancient remembrance. We have self published two Poetree Books as part of a series called Alchemical Prose. The first one, Voices of Kem, includes collaborations with visionary artists and poetic scribes, and the second, From the Depths of the Vessel, is a creation of Goddess Alchemy’s core members. We hold close a long-term vision to publish a multi-media, full-length book. If you are interested in supporting this vision, please contact us.
Poetree books will be available for sale in our online boutique soon....
the following poems are excerpts from
Voices of Kem
December 2006
december 2007
excerpts are currently not available

~ Poetry as Prayer by Luna
~ Song For My Tribe by Eve Lady Apples
~ Painted Prayers by Celena delphi
~ One Thread by Dakini Star
~ A Dark Subject by Mariana Rose Thorn
~ Global Warmth by Taylor MaidenSpace
~ Alchemicalogic by Audette Sophia
~ Dark Moon Mantras by e.Ma Luna
~ Alkemical Prose by the goddess alchemy project

Poetry as Prayer
by Luna

In this moment, a timeless and contemporary genre of poetry is emerging in the form of spiritual expression. Throughout generations and the history of humanity we have sought ways to articulate the human experience in relation to the unutterable and inexplicable existence of a source that exists within and with out. In the breath of this sacred moment for which we have yearned, we compose prayers, incantations, psalms, ballads and poetry. Through a myriad of mediums we explore the dynamics between spirit and soul, and in this fertile moment there is an emergence of women’s spiritual poetics. As we journey into the darkness that is the divine aspect of the feminine we are both encountering the unfamiliar and deeply personal, we uncover lost and eternal ways to relate to each other, spirit and the universe. As women, it appears we are called into the arms of a new and ancient time, and it is from these wells we sip the nectar of inspiration. As we are discovering our collective experience, we uncover the pressing need for internal and external balance of the masculine and feminine elements of the soul. It is in this knowing that words form a powerful vessel for the essence of our reflections. The words carry the resonance of the ineffable and invisible depths that is our access point to the divine. As we cultivate our new relationship with the outside world and with spirit, poetry provides us with a bridge towards home.
For this reason we are collecting these courageous works of visual and lyrical testaments to what is upon us. Through this work we may reflect and know ourselves as activists, sisters, brothers, daughters and mothers, as writers, artists and spiritual sojourners. It is by collecting the poetics of the current visionary spiritual culture, we honor the lives of women and men throughout time who have held the lineage of sacred feminine practices. From Sappho to Sun Buer, Inanna to Mary Oliver, Diane Di Prima to Audre Lorde, Saul Williams to Yungchen Lhamo and the many unnamed, we recognize the works of immense potency which serve us with affirmation.
This first edition of Alchemical Prose is dedicated to the Voices of Kem. Kem, the fertile dark earth of ancient Egypt, commonly known as Kemet, speaks to of us of remembrance and returning. Through our works we hope to ignite the flame of this remembrance that Gaia is our home, and that the darkness of creation is our source. Through the transmutation of our collective suffering we recognize the balanced and very accessible eternal freedom of the human spirit. In these times we give thanks for the courage to rise collectively as women, no longer fearful for our lives and ways. We are rising to share, heal and dream with our world, and with the Spirit of all creation. The Goddess Alchemy Project would like to thank all of the contributing poets and artists for the sharing of their gifts. On the brink of a great shift we offer our works in devotion and as an act of homage to Gaia and the urgency to reveal the secrets of spiritual science.
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Song For My Tribe
by Eve Lady Apples

When you see them
tell them I am on my way.

They will be carrying tools
Singing in time with their steps.
Watching the horizon.
Leaving no trace.

If you see them
Take a sharp stick and
scratch my likeness in the dirt
remembering the solid calves,
the breasts like my mother’s,
the ones by my side.

Help to build their fire.
Help to tend their young.

When you see them
they will be the ones with maps in their heads and wings in their eyes,
festive, alert and kind.

They will feed you and watch you
asking not of my health or my deeds
but of how the birds fly in the morning
and what shape they make on the sky.

Tell them I am learning to stand on my head.
Tell them I still sing their songs.

When you see them, these people
Remember their faces
Remember to mark on your map where they slept.

When you find them
Please tell how
I’m still moving towards them
I’m gathering tools
I’m carving a way.

Here, look in my face
so when you see them you’ll know them
and sing of my seeking
my longing for home.
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Painted Prayers
by Celena delphi

I ask my dreams to paint me my prayers,
So I can remember the art of my ancestors.
Third eye activated I commune with my source
Collecting the fragments of my lost soul
I see the language that I used to feel before my magic was ever raped
The sisters of my soul dancing around the fire
Within which I burn,
Infusing the oxygen with my alchemy
Becoming the ether as they try to destroy me
But they only transform my temple
To dance liberation upon the morphing paths of the winds song
And I ride
Upon the earths breath
To bless those
Plagued by their fear of my force
Those witnessing the transformation of my temple
Those grieving the loss of my presence
And those receiving the renewal of my essence
As I dance
Transcendence of form
And reborn
And reborn.
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One Thread
by Dakini Star

A re-affirmation of my love
A love given with no expectation of receiving
Just given for the pure purpose of truth
Because it exists within me
It is all the proof that I need
To give and give and give
And from this I shall receive
And know that my love…
It shall be showered upon those deserving
It shall nurture the seeds
Of possibility
It shall feed the growth
Of that which feeds me
The balance
The flow
To catch my soul in the glow
Of the interminable know how
Know how I know?
I swim with that flow
Sweet current of change
That which is constant
There to rearrange
There, like the very air we breathe
There, like the ancient redwood trees
There, like the love I carry within me
Existing like an ember
A spark of the fire
Ready to explode
With latent desire
And those who see it
Shall share it with me
This passion is burning, undeniably
And constantly fueling
The life force I’m feeling
It’s churning and healing
And ever revealing
And so I invoke
Invite you
To enter
The center
From where we began
Merging the fires
Of all of our Kin
Dancing desires
Beyond mortal skin
Returning to passion
Over again
Washing and cleansing
Caressing, undressing
Subconscious fears
Imbedded from birth
Un-cried tears
Fall to the Earth
Drops of dew
Crashing like rain
Sorrow and woe
Let go of the pain
Stored in our body
For we are one
Existing under the same
Sun, moon and stars
What’s mine is yours
What’s yours is ours

Paths we tread converging
In a delicate web emerging
And woven
From one blood, one thread
Spun finely from fates fingertips
Of destiny
She moves
Works quickly
And proves
The interconnected
Mirror reflected
Highly transcendent
Nature of this life,
This breath,
This being

What’s next to examine?
What’s left as we’re standing,
Stripped naked
On the dark side of the moon
Concealed in Her shadow
Atop an ancient dune
Of the mental
Surrender in gentle
Praise of what is
She is
Mistress of the elements
What’s relevant
Is not time,
For so much time we’ve spent
Forsaking the divine
She represents the sacred
Of creation
The consecration
Of a woman and a man
A timeless union
Across an ageless span

We are at Her hand
She is the will within
Surrender to Her love
Then truth can begin

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A Dark Subject
by Mariana Rose Thorn

I see the end
Before we’ve begun
Like, two comets drawn to Earth
as two lights to be wished upon
while screaming downwards through the atmosphere
burning our bodies to hopeful smears against the canvas of night
that never-lonely illusion of void space
Our determined and twisted pathways converge
and explode before my softened gaze
showering our momentary union with confetti and wedding rice
stardust and soul shrapnel
I am bombarded with visions
and each meeting is a near-death experience
In an instant that spans lifetimes
I see love and devotion,
Absorption, repulsion, two out of two hearts broken.
The ancient woman inside me whispers
soothing words in my left ear spinning
her spider’s web of patience
the wings of my love are held,
in waiting anticipation
because, before you’ve even finished asking for my phone number
I’ve seen the entire scenario unfold within my minds eye…
I see you love me too much
Not enough
I pay for everything
or, can’t stand your ignorance of poverty
your dreamy eyes wander
I can tell already
You hold me too tight
when we sleep.
You’re just too much, or too little of something
and sooner than never something about you is going to begin to annoy me
So, I’ll save us both the carnival ride
the disorientation that looms on the other side
of ego push and pull dichotomy.
It is my heart reflecting back the Black Sea
don’t get me wrong
I enjoy the lights
But Love instead
that canvas made of ebony
Deep ocean of dark matter
which exists above, below, and through me
Because I don’t own you, and
You don’t owwn meee!
But what may be even harder for you to understand be,
you also don’t complete me.
The whole is not the sum of he + she
Or any divination, including threes
That’s just our addition problem.
And completion is this
where all is found
Here, where the timeless verse of union sings soul songs to,
black sorceress eternity
echoing, all true soul mates back,
to we.
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Global Warmth
by Taylor MaidenSpace
When the miracle of life is suddenly forgotten,
If ever I feel that this thread is my last,
This imperative link
That weaves me to god
If ever its extinction seems possible
I have been taken like a porcelain puppet by fear.
This illusion,
{That this braid
To this god
Is not woven
With my DNA itself
Or that my every thought
is not so tenderly touched
By the prophetic palms of angels
Or that each moment is not a chance to glide again
Upon spirits silvered beckoning}
This illusion,
Is the genocide of love.
When I must muster up every fiber of courage in me
Just to remember
That this body
Is a temple
In which great beings of light
When the world,
painted like a surreal concept,
Churns my stomach
With its opaque concrete ideas
And its amphibious lust for pain
Its inability to say….
Help me know love”
When the bitter cravings of mankind consume beauty
Leaving nuclear dust trails as footprints
upon the ice covered earth
When I realize this is a part of me
When it all seems like a dark, impossible dream
Wake me.
There are so many vagabonds searching for the soul
That deep and bottomless place
Lined with the magic of snake
That eats our withered tears
And recycles our fathered fears
This holy place in the dark
We are too afraid to venture into alone
Because the vastness
And the unknowable
Terrifies our minds
Shatters our falsified image of self
Or togetherness
I’ll tell you what togetherness is
What NOT being alone IS
it is the union of compassion
For this temple called earth
(our body)
She is in need of our love
And we project that need as our own
But cover it in a mask as fear of rejection
This really IS happening
Hearts are becoming cold in the furious loss of light
We’ve stripped the sun of her god-woven coat
Now, she burns naked
Melting our ice
Flooding our earth
we kill each other
Because of fear
Because we cannot find our spirits voice
My heart is now pounding
For the safety of our children
The convenience of Tupperware
Doesn’t seem worth it
The brilliance of industry
Seems like a bloodthirsty weapon
Re-producing itself in armies of Wall-Marts
Oil has been bartered for precious blood
Brown blood
The color of this earth
Why do we kill
The color of this earth?
There are angels here to help
And you are one of them
This is not being alone
This is compassion in unity.
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by Audette Sophia

The busy bees are gathering the nectar
Melting the gold nuggets into honey
Sweet silk in the throat
Singing prism source drops
At the tip of my tongue

And raining down in rhythmic dispensations
Like moon phases
Lessons find crystalline completion on pages
That’s why sages are poets
And birth love maps
For ages of souls to follow
To those sweetest of places…

The Alchemists tried to turn lead to gold
Transmutation of elements
Assisted transformation
To partake and participate in the laws of Creation
Boil substance to essence

Branches are fed by the root
The seed contains the blueprint of the tree
And the love of soil and sun creates the fruit
The fruit of me is this poetry

That wild muse
that inspires me
The slippery one that sings & skips & laughs
And winks at me
Between her giggles she drops great secrets
Gives gems that dissolve as soon as you try to keep it
Yet also stay and caress in unexplainable ways

Sometimes I yield to these irrational plays
And follow shimmering threads through the dreary of days

Let my soul be pulled
Even as my mind strays
Into fantastic fantasy planes
Painting rainbow realms on top of the bleak greys

This is the transmutation of poison
We touch in the stretching imagination
Reciprocal story spell progression
That finds an outlet for expression

This is the bees making honey
Out of all the nectar they’re carrying
This is the humans making beauty
Out of all the blessings and the suffering

This is where compost feeds blossoms
And wings free seeds to travel
Maps curled deep within
Begin to unravel…

And the pressure makes the diamond
And the fire makes the heat
This is the bridge we build between
The bitter and the sweet
The head and the feet
The forest and the street
The clearing in the open space
Where contradictions meet
And friction fuels the wisdom
At paradoxes peak

Whatever you do
Don’t forget to seek
The beauty
Of the transcendent immanence
That speaks through
This intelligently irrational
And ever divine
Fire of
In You
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~Dark Moon Mantras~
by e.Ma Luna
Incantation Series:

The dark moon awaits no signal
It circles Earth
Pulling me,
The Ocean inside me subject to her tidal Darkness
My blood drawn from me,
Painting the sky beneath my toes

The Universe, born from my hair
Rests gently on my crown
And earthquakes shake my core

We are dancing-
Dimensions and perspectives falling away
Interweaving and spilling-

I sweat perfume, heavy with this eternal devotion
Beads as prayers collect and drop
Pearly, wet, warming.

I swell and release my generous offering
Into the starlit Darkness

The moon moves inside me
Orbiting my ovaries in perfect syncopation
I birth reunion
Our ancient Cycles crashing against sinuous shores
I breathe
Hemorrhaging the weight of great pains
-of a planet hardly borne
The dark moon awaits no signal
It circles, pulling the tidal darkness
My blood,
- a meager offering
To her gracious return
I am released
In the utterance of these
Dark Moon Mantra
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Alkemical Prose
-the goddess alchemy project

What appears to be polarity
Is in reality the center.
From where darkness emerges
The light shall enter.
To answer,
To balance,
To illuminate-
Eternal freedom.
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The Goddess Alchemy Project

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