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We invite you to explore of The Goddess Alchemy Project through the co-creative forum of this site, which we have woven together with the intention to make our offerings more accessible to our community. The tapestry of works represented here include our cutting
edge , the evolving styles of Line, and the programs we are developing.
The section features links, bios, and information for some of the artists and contributors who inform and co-inspire our project, while documentation as photos, artwork, and video can be viewed in the . Our poetree and lyrics are archived as , available for you to read and receive, and we welcome your responses and as vital components of our visioning and creative process. Please enjoy this site as a resource, we trust you will be in with us however you are moved to participate. Thank you for visiting!


The Goddess Alchemy Project is an independent arts collective fusing music, visual art, spoken word poetry, dance, their al.KEM.y designs clothing company, and community outreach to bring sacred intention to the forefront of artistic momentum. Utilizing multi-media as their tool of mass creation, the collective's core intention to empower the voices of artists, activists, and healers has sustained the project through its many phases of evolution since its inception in 2002.  Throughout the year of 2007 the project received wide recognition and exposure for their musical accomplishments. The music offered by The Goddess Alchemy Project is one key aspect within the totality of their work, which also includes clothing design, event production, international solidarity work with indigenous peoples, youth service, arts empowerment education, and other forms of community outreach. 

To read more about our herstory, visit our electronic press kit at, or check the Music Project section of this site.

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The Goddess Alchemy Project

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